WORK 4 A LIVING has a database of 150 business ideas with complete knowledge kits including mentoring and info web links for each business.

  • Students only graduate once they have completed a basic BUSINESS 4 A LIVING programme AND ACTUALLY STARTED A SMALL BUSINESS.
  • Each country has a national record of profitability that each group tries to beat.

Karoo Juices: Keys To Succes

The above group started their business with R50 ($5) seed money from WORK 4 A LIVING and built a strong business generating a net profit of R1000 ($100) in 4 days, the equivalent of R6000 ($600) in a 24 day month – not bad for people who didn’t believe they could do business.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic business principles
  • Costing
  • Record-keeping
  • Business growth
  • Access to capital
  • Sales
  • Paying your salary and so much more