About Us

Siya-Sebenza was started in 2007 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa by Ena Richards.

Ena had been in business and was frustrated by the lack of work ethic and development amongst the workforce. At the same time she was heartbroken for the prospects of the many young school-leavers who had to face the employment world, with no networking contacts, no family members who had been in business and generally no knowledge of how to find a job, let alone progress. As a result, the WORK 4 A LIVING programme was written and developed. Siya Sebenza is now the Non-Profit Organization that is responsible for the roll-out of all the WORK 4 A LIVING Centres in every city or town wherever there is poverty or need.

Siya Sebenza is made up of WORK 4 A LIVING Centres where the unemployed youth are taught how to:

  1. Work with excellence
  2. Start businesses and
  3. Ultimately, help themselves career wise

Once a WORK 4 A LIVING programme has been completed, students are assisted to:

  • Present themselves in an interview
  • Find employment (though our Job Centre or on their own)
  • Start a business (with the help of our Business School)
  • Do further skills training (at our Computer Lab or Skills Centre)
  • Further their education (Redo Gr 12 or Tertiary education)